Table 2


Duration of asthma (n=104)0–62 years (median 11 years)
Age at diagnosis (n=102)10 months–90 years (median 37 years)
Age at death (n=193)4–97 years (median 58 years)
Severity of asthma (n=155)
 Mild14 (9%)
 Moderate76 (49%)
 Severe61 (39%)
Previous hospital admission (n=190)90 (47%)
Accident and Emergency attendances (n=115)40 (34%)
Intensive care admissions (n=181)27 (15%)
Current smokers (n=193)39 (20%)+
Psychosocial and learning disability factors (n=190)84 (44%)
Obesity (BMI ≥30 kg·m−2 at most recent assessment) (n=121)38 (31%)
  • Data are presented as n (%), unless otherwise stated. #: data return from doctors was incomplete; n assessable data for each parameter are shown in parentheses. : classified by clinicians, 12 out of 28 children and young people (under 20 years-old) were classified with mild or moderate asthma by their clinicians. +: a further 27 (10%) were exposed to smoke at work.