Table 4 Medical history and basic physical examination required for patients in primary care suspected of having OSA
Basic clinical findings: snoring, observed apnoeas and hypersomnia (Epworth Scale)
Other symptoms and day- and night-time signs (see table 7)
General history (especially cardiovascular and respiratory findings and medication)
Sleep habits (timetable, siestas, duration, sleep hygiene)
Anthropometric exploration: weight, height, BMI and neck perimeter
Distance from hyoid bone to jaw (short neck)
Facial constitution: maxilla, jawbone, type of bite and evaluation of retro-micrognathia.
Oropharyngoscopy: hypertrophy of soft palate and/or tonsils
Examination using Mallampati Scale
Rhinoscopy: nasal examination (rhinorrhoea, septum, obstruction)
Cardiopulmonary auscultation and measurement of blood pressure