Table 5 Possible adverse effects of CPAP that can be resolved in primary care
Adverse effectsTreatment
Nasal congestion or obstructionDecongestants; nasal steroids; ipratropium bromide, suitable humidification and room temperature. ENT evaluation if there is no improvement
Irritation of the skinLocal protection; change mask. Topical treatment for atopical dermatitis
Dry pharynxHydration; humidification
NoisePut generator on the floor; avoid leaks
ConjunctivitisAdjust mask
HeadacheAnalgaesics before going to bed
EpistaxisHumidification and adjustment of room temperature. ENT evaluation if persistent
ColdSuitable room temperature; humidifier–heater
InsomniaPsychological measures for adaptation to the use of CPAP; pressure ramp; mild, non-benzodiazepine anxiolytic
AerophagiaPsychological measures for adaptation to CPAP; mild anxiolytics; postural measures
ClaustrophobiaPsychological adaptation measures
  • ENT: Ear, nose and throat specialist