Table 1

Hazards for home oxygen usage

HazardSpecific risks
Tobacco smokingBurning substances, naked flames (matches, lighters, etc.)
CookingNaked gas flames, barbecues (gas or charcoal)
CandlesBirthday cakes, scented candles, decorative candles, lanterns
Household heatingGas fires, coal fires, log burners, oil fired heaters, etc.
OutdoorBonfires, fireworks, gas patio heaters
Flammable materialsCleaning fluids, paint thinners, petroleum spirit (e.g. for lawn mowers, strimmers and saws), petroleum-based creams or aerosols, alcohols, acetone, some nail-varnish removers, oils, greases or lotions, etc.
SparksGrinders, children's toys, some electric shavers
OtherHigh-frequency, short-wave and laser equipment; hair dryers; arcing, “electronic cigarettes”