Table 1 Educational research seminar programme
Prof. James McKillop (Glasgow, UK)Evolution of medical education in the past century
Prof. Paolo Palange (Rome, Italy)Challenges in educating respiratory healthcare professionals in the next 20 years
Prof. Hans Hjelmqvist (Stockholm, Sweden)Pros and cons of harmonisation of medical education throughout Europe
Dr Jamiu O. Busari (Maastricht, The Netherlands)Instructional methods: perspectives towards effective teaching methods for postgraduate respiratory medicine
Dr Ken R. Catchpole (Oxford, UK)Patient handovers within the hospital: translating knowledge from motor racing to healthcare
Dr Erik Driessen (Maastricht, The Netherlands)Assessment methods: perspectives on international postgraduate assessment
Dr Rachel Ellaway (Sudbury, ON, Canada)E-world in medical education: e-learning, e-portfolios etc.
Dr Alexandra Cope (London, UK)Simulation
Dr Mark J. Rosen (Northbrook, IL, USA)Continuing medical education: how to ensure positive impact on clinical practice