Table 4 Summarising relative weight placed on measured variables in children aged 3 years for asthma at 11–13 years (7–8 years for PIAMA)
Tucson [44]Isle of Wight [47]Leicester#[48]MAS [45]PIAMA [49]
Early recurrent wheeze++++++1.83.9
Parental asthma/atopy+++
Early IgE sensitisation++5.74.7
Wheeze without URTI++2.9
Male gender2.81.8
Recurrent chest infection2.01.8
  • Ig: immunoglobulin. #: study also validated the Tucson Asthma Predictive Index (API) but concluded that early recurrent wheeze (i.e. at least three episodes by three years of age) was equivalent in precision to the API; : study also described interactions between variables, odds ratios (OR) presented are for those with early recurrent wheeze. +++: greater weight; ++: intermediate weight.