Table 1 Sources and components of lung surfactants
Generic nameTrade nameSourcePhospholipidsProteinsCountry of Origin
BeractantSurvantaBovine25 mg·mL−1 (50% DPPC)SP-B, SP-CUSA
CalfactantInfasurfBovine35 mg·mL−1 (74% DPPC)SP-B, SP-CUSA
Poractant alfaCurosurfPorcine80 mg·mL−1 (70% DPPC)SP-B, SP-CItaly
BovactantAlveofactBovine50 mg·mL−1SP-B, SP-CGermany
BLESbLESBovine27 mg·mL−1SP-B, SP-CCanada
Endogenous human surfactantAmniotic fluid20 mg·mL−1SP-A, SP-B, SP-CUSA/ Netherlands
ColfoscerilExosurf NeonatalSynthetic13.5 mg·mL−1 (100% DPPC)England
LucinactantSurfaxinSynthetic30 mg·mL−1 (75% DPPC)SinapultideUSA
  • BLES: bovine lipid surfactant; DPPC: dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine; SP: surfactant protein. Reproduced and modified from [57] with permission from the publisher.