Table 1 Thoracic Oncology HERMES Syllabus Modules
AGeneral principles of the biology of thoracic cancers
BAetiology and epidemiology
CClinical presentations
DDiagnostic procedures
FDiagnostic and interventional bronchoscopic techniques and medical thoracoscopy
GClinical and pathological staging
HPathology of intrathoracic tumours
IPrognostic factors /predictive markers
JPrinciples of thoracic surgery
KManagement of surgical complications
LPrinciples of radiation therapy
MPrinciples of systemic therapy
NSide-effects of systemic therapy and their management
OCombined modality treatments
PManagement of particular groups of patients
QTreatment evaluation and follow-up
RSupportive care
SMethodologies for clinical practice and research
UCancer-related immunology
VEconomic considerations in lung cancer treatment