Table 1

Baseline characteristics of PAH at the time of diagnosis from different registries

RegistryNIH [12]French [10]US [9]REVEAL [11]UK/Ireland [7]ASPIRE# [39]COMPERA [8]Swiss [13]
Subjects n1876745782525482175587171
Age years36±1550±1548 ± 1450.1±14.450.1±17.155±1671±1660±15
Women %6365.37755.669.96760.356
mPAP mmHg60±1855±1552±1450.7±13.654.1±13.953±1344±1246±12
PAWP mmHg8±310±49.1±3.59.2±3.510±310±312±7
RAP mmHg9.7±68±511±79.3±5.610.1±6.011±68±59±8
CI L min−1 m22.27±0.92.50±0.82.3±0.92.4±0.82.1±0.72.3±0.82.2±0.72.6±0.8
PVRi WU·m226±1420.5±10.221.1±12.523.1±10.3
PVR WU12.5±7.312.8±6.312.0±5.89.6±5.58.5±5.2
  • Data are expressed as mean±sd or % unless otherwise stated. mPAP: mean pulmonary artery pressure; PAWP: pulmonary artery wedge pressure; RAP: right atrial pressure; CI: cardiac index; PVRi: pulmonary vascular resistance index; PVR: pulmonary vascular resistance. #: Patients diagnosed with idiopathic PAH. : PAWP was 8.69±3.9 in males and 7.94±3.7 in females. Data from ref [7–13, 39].