Table 3

Recommended single supervised exercise session for IPF patients

Exercise componentTypeTimeIntensity
Warm-upCalisthenics Breathing exercises Balance exercise8–10 minLow to moderate
Aerobic exerciseWalking(5–10 min walking and 1 min rest)×3=18–33 min80–90% of average walking speed on 6MWT 60–80% of peak work rate
Cycling(3–5 min cycling and 1 min rest)×3=12–18 min
Resistance exercisesWall push-ups Chair squats Dumbbells shoulder press Supported one-hand rowing with dumbbell Dumbbells biceps curl Dumbbells arm extension Supported one-leg step-up Abdominal curl-upsFor each exercise 1–3 sets of 10–15 repetitions with 30–60 s rest after the set4–6 on Borg CR 10 scale
Flexibility exercisesSeated single leg hamstring stretch Standing quadriceps stretch, Chest stretch Overhead reach stretch Cat stretchFor each exercise 1–2 repetitions of 15–30 s stretchMuscle discomfort without severe pain
  • Borg CR 10: Borg scale category ratio.