Box 1

Thoracic oncology curriculum modules

  1. General principles of the biology of thoracic cancers

  2. Aetiology and epidemiology

  3. Clinical presentations

  4. Diagnostic procedures

  5. Imaging

  6. Diagnostic and interventional bronchoscopy techniques and medical thoracoscopy

  7. Clinical and pathological staging

  8. Pathology of intrathoracic tumours

  9. Prognostic factors/predictive markers

  10. Principles of thoracic surgery

  11. Management of surgical complications

  12. Principles of radiation therapy

  13. Principles of systemic therapy

  14. Side-effects of systemic therapy and their management

  15. Combined modality treatments

  16. Management of particular groups of patients

  17. Treatment evaluation and follow-up

  18. Supportive care

  19. Methodologies for clinical practice and research

  20. Ethics

  21. Cancer-related immunology

  22. Quality and economic considerations in lung cancer treatment