Table 6

Results of the questionnaire relating to AATD

Wrong responses
What are the main symptoms/signs/manifestations that could be suggestive AATD?
 Wrong option: osteomyelitis53%
 All other options: grading=010 (0–53)%
What type of pattern of lung/respiratory function test would be suggestive of AATD?
 Wrong option: restrictive pattern68%
 All other options: grading=011 (2.5–68)%
What type of blood lab examination is suggestive of AATD?
 Wrong option: increased peripheral blood α1-antitrypsin21%
 All other options: grading=010 (5–23)%
  • Data are presented as median (min–max), unless otherwise stated. Definition of wrong option/answer: responses were considered wrong when a grade >1 was attributed. The percentage of wrong responses was calculated on valid responses (i.e. after missing and “I don’t know” responses were excluded) and is the sum of two contributions. Wrong option: responses were considered wrong when a grade >0 was attributed to the wrong option in the questionnaire. All other options: responses were considered wrong when a grade = 0 was attributed to the other options in the questionnaire. The summary figure is reported in terms of median (minimum–maximum) of the percentages of wrong responses to each option.