Table 1

Lung function results in sitting and supine positions

PredictedSitting positionSupine positionSitting/supine
Actual% predLLNULNActual% pred
Case 1
 FEV1 L3.491.4742%76.01240.7923%54%
 FVC IN L4.772.9261%80.71191.6535%57%
 FEV1 % VCmax74.4%50.5%68%84.2%116%39.3%53%78%
 FVC L4.592.9063%78.21222.0144%69%
Case 2
 FEV1 L3.572.2964%76.51241.1031%48%
 FVC IN L4.822.8259%80.91191.5332%54%
 FEV1 % VCmax75.281.0108%84.411672.396%89%
 FVC L4.632.6056%78.41221.1324%44%

LLN: lower limit of normal; ULN: upper limit of normal; FEV1: forced expiratory volume in 1 s; FVC: forced vital capacity; IN: inspiratory; VCmax: maximal vital capacity.