TableĀ 1

Adult respiratory medicine: updated syllabus modules

Module 1Structure and function of the respiratory system
Module 2Physiology and pulmonary function testing
Module 3Diagnostic approach
Module 4Diagnostic procedures
Module 5General principles of treatment modalities and prevention measures
Module 6Respiratory emergencies
Module 7Airway diseases
Module 8Respiratory infections
Module 9Mycobacterial diseases
Module 10Thoracic tumours
Module 11Sleep and control of breathing disorders
Module 12Respiratory failure
Module 13Diffuse parenchymal lung diseases
Module 14Pulmonary vascular diseases
Module 15Diseases of the chest wall and respiratory muscles including the diaphragm
Module 16Pleural and mediastinal diseases (excluding tumours)
Module 17Respiratory consequences of systemic/extrapulmonary conditions
Module 18Genetic disorders
Module 19Occupational Diseases
Module 20Epidemiology, environment and lifestyle