Table 1

Additional examinations

Laboratory resultsHb 11.0 mmol⋅L−1
Ht 0.58
Leukocytes 11.0 per nL
CRP <6 mg⋅L−1
Na+ 136 mmol⋅L−1
K+ 3.8 mmol⋅L−1
Urea 14.0 mmol⋅L−1
Creatinine 120 µmol⋅L−1
Glucose 6.0 mmol⋅L−1
Arterial blood gas analysispH 7.05
PCO2 86 mm Hg
BE +10 mmol⋅L−1
PO2 41 mmHg
SaO2 76%
Chest radiographyOverinflation
No cardiac enlargement
No infiltrates
Otherwise, no abnormalities
ECGAtrial fibrillation
Ventricular frequency of 115 per min, right axis
Some ST depression in II, III and aVF
No Qs
Otherwise, no abnormalities

Hb: haemoglobin; Ht: haematocrit; CRP: C-reactive protein; PCO2: carbon dioxide tension; BE: base excess; PO2: oxygen tension; SaO2: arterial oxygen saturation.