Table 1

Initial laboratory data from 2013

VariablePatient's resultNormal value
WBC count cells·mm−311 1004000–11 000
Neutrophil count % of WBC7340–75
Lymphocyte count % of WBC2020–40
Monocyte count % of WBC42–10
Eosinophil count % of WBC31–5
Basophil count % of WBC00–1
Haemoglobin g·dL−11312–14
Haematocrit %38.336–42
Platelet count cells·mm−3210 000140 000–440 000
International normalised ratio1.1<1.0
Urea nitrogen mg·dL−1176–30
Creatinine mg·dL−10.800.5–1.0
Creatine kinase units·L−18330–135
Alanine transaminase units·L−1269–52
Aspartate transaminase units·L−1285–40
Urine analysisNormal
ESR mm·h−1430–30
C-reactive protein mg·dL−12.95<0.748
Anti-nuclear antibody2.21<1:40
Rheumatoid factor units·mL−130<14
Anti-cyclic citrullinated protein antibody units·mL−10.50<5
Angiotensin converting enzyme units·L−186.520–70
Anti-MPO antibody99.4<10
Anti–SSa antibody7.2<20
Anti-Scl-70 antibody2.79<20
Anti-dsDNA units·mL−129.59<30
Anti-proteinase 3 antibody4.04<10
Anti–Jo-1 antibody0.48<3
Anti-Smith antibody6.83<20
C3 complement mg·dL−1156.3890–180
C4 complement mg·dL−138.2510–40

WBC: white blood cell.