Table 1

Tips on how to run a poster discussion

Discussion of interest to everyoneDo not talk about a single result but rather about a larger topic that is of interest to the whole audience.
Start a discussionPrepare a list of discussion items and take a stand (which might be controversial) to allow the audience to take another position.
Discussion between the audienceDo not kill discussions between the audience because you want to use your prepared questions. The prepared questions are a backup.
Elevate the room, not the chairKeep “smart” remarks to yourself and try to give space for the audience to come to these conclusions.
Increase the quality of the discussionInvite experts in the field who are present in the room to contribute.
Involve the introvertsReach out to specific people and ask them a direct question while handing the microphone over.
Break the tensionIntroduce yourself before the session starts to the people who are present. If you can, make some jokes in between presentations.
Stay on time and focus the discussionInterrupt anyone who is monopolising the discussion or who is taking too much time.