TableĀ 1

Overview of recommendations for patients

Planning air travelStart to plan as far in advance of travel as possible
Discuss other travel-related concerns with your doctor at an early stage (including medical insurance, other medications, oxygen therapy at destination, vaccinations, etc.)
Research airlines to understand different travel policies and restrictions; use ELF's Airline Index to help you [13]
Arrange a fit-to-fly assessment
Ask the airline what information is required on the medical certificate and arrange for this to be produced
When booking flights, choose an aisle seat that is close to the airplane door and toilets
Share the travel itinerary with the oxygen provider
Arrange oxygen supply for travel and at the destination
Contact airport assistance services to plan travel through airports and avoid fatigue
At the airportTake print outs of relevant paperwork with you, including medical certificate copies and instructions and warranty for oxygen equipment
Use assistance services
Make yourself known to airline employees at the gate, and ask to board first or last to avoid having to rush or queue
During the flightTry to relax as much as possible once on the plane
Keep the oxygen equipment instructions accessible in case they are needed
Remind the flight attendant about disembarking first or last
At the destinationUse airport assistance services at the destination airport
Make your way to the pre-arranged drop-off point for the destination oxygen equipment as soon as possible