TableĀ 1

Module-based CPD training

Module 1Carcinogenesis, immunology and defence mechanisms
Module 2Tobacco: risk factors and epidemiology
Module 3Indoor and outdoor pollution
Module 4Respiratory hazards associated with occupational factors
Module 5Asbestos-related diseases
Module 6Lung cancer screening
Module 7Signs and symptoms
Module 8Imaging techniques
Module 9Bronchoscopy
Module 10Advanced endoscopy
Module 11Thoracoscopy and pleural diagnostics
Module 12Evaluation of patient fitness for diagnostics and therapy
Module 13Pathology
Module 14Multidisciplinary team and multidisciplinary team meeting
Module 15Thoracic surgery
Module 16Radiotherapy
Module 17Systemic pharmacotherapy
Module 18Immunotherapy
Module 19Rehabilitation
Module 20Smoking prevention and cessation
Module 21Palliative care including treatment of tumour-related symptoms and complications
Module 22Patient and family support
Module 23Management of paraneoplastic syndromes
Module 24Thromboembolic disease in thoracic oncology
Module 25Thoracocentesis including chest tube and tunnelled indwelling pleural catheter
Module 26Common side effects of systemic therapies and their management
Module 27Common radiation-induced side effects and their management
Module 28Solitary pulmonary nodules
Module 29Malignant pleural mesothelioma
Module 30Mediastinal tumours
Module 31Common metastatic pulmonary tumours
Module 32Malignant pleural effusion