Table 1

Overview of ECMC representatives and their tasks within the ECMC

AssemblyECMC representativeTask
 1) General PneumologyLowie VanfleterenERJ Open Research
2) Respiratory Intensive CareMaxime Patout#Education Council
3) Basic and translational sciencesNiki Ubags#Chair, Science Council, fellowships
 4) Sleep and Breathing disorders; and clinical physiologyAndrea Crespo Sedano#Breathe
 5) Airway diseases, asthma and COPDCarolina Gotera#To be determined
6) Epidemiology and EnvironmentAndre F.S. AmaralBreathe
 7) PaediatricsCristina Ardura-Garcia#Fellowships
8) Thoracic surgery and TransplantationMerel Hellemons#Guidelines
9) Allied Respiratory ProfessionalsJana De BrandtBreathe, communications
10) Respiratory InfectionsCristina CalarasuBreathe, ELF
11) Thoracic OncologyAdrien Costantini#Breathe
12) Interstitial Lung DiseasesTiago AlfaroInternational collaboration, EBAP
13) Pulmonary Vascular DiseasesSheila RamjugPublications Committee, ERS Monograph editorial board, ELF, communications
14) Clinical Techniques, Imaging and EndoscopyDaniela GompelmannAnnual conference

ELF: European Lung Foundation; EBAP: European Board of Accreditation in Pneumology. #: incoming member.