Table 1

Characteristics of included studies

Trial namePopulation characteristicsIntervention (screening interval months/rounds)Total subjects (intervention/control arm subjects)ControlFollow-up time after last screen yearsParticipation rateContamination rate
DLCSTMen and women aged 50–70 years, smokers and former smokers ≥20 pack-years
Former smokers must have quit <10 years prior
LDCT (12/5)4104 (2052/2052)Usual care595.5%20.3%
ITALUNGMen and women aged 55–69 years, smokers and former smokers ≥20 pack-years in past 10 yearsLDCT (12/4)3206 (1613/1593)Usual care581%Not reported
LUSIMen and woman aged 50–69 years, smokers and former smokers (cessation <10 years) with ≥25 years of smoking ≥15 cigarettes a day or 30 years of smoking 10 cigarettes per dayLDCT (12/5)4052 (2029/2023)Usual care3>90%8.7%
MILDMen and women aged 49–75 years, current or former (cessation <10 years) ≥20 pack-yearsLDCT (12 or 24/6 or 3)
Median duration of screening was 6.2 years
4099 (2376/1723)Usual careThe follow-up since last screening round is unclear95.1% in the biennial and 96.1% in the annual LDCT group1.2%
NELSONMen aged 50–74 years, current or former smokers (who had quit ≤10 years ago) who had smoked >15 cigarettes a day for >25 years or >10 cigarettes a day for >30 yearsLDCT (12, 24, 30/4)13 195 (6583/6612)Usual care4.585.8% in total (lowest at round 4 with 67.4% and highest at round 1 with 95.8%)Not reported