Table 1

Spirometry findings of the patient

ParameterPredictedLLNObserved% predicted
FVC L3.792.791.3937
FEV1 L3.012.171.2541
FEV1/FVC %86.1474.3589.85104
PEF L·s−17.915.922.9037
PIF L·s−12.64
MEF L·s−13.401.691.8554
MEF50 L·s−
FIF50 L·s−12.62
Empey's index6.9
Miller and Hyatt index0.76

LLN: lower limit of normal; FVC: forced vital capacity; FEV1: forced expiratory volume in 1 s; PEF: peak expiratory flow; PIF: peak inspiratory flow; MEF: mean mid-expiratory flow from 25 -75% of FVC; MEF50: mid-expiratory flow at 50% of FVC; FIF50: forced inspiratory flow at 50% FVC; Empey's index: FEV1/PEF; Miller and Hyatt index: FEF50/FIF50.