Table 2

Suggestions for ongoing monitoring of patients diagnosed with sarcoidosis, based on expert opinion#

Blood tests including full blood count, electrolytes, urea, creatinine, metabolic panel (serum calcium, magnesium, phosphate), liver function tests, ACE levelInitial diagnosis then quarterly until stable, or monthly if on immunosuppression
ElectrocardiogramInitial diagnosis then at least biannual
Ophthalmological reviewAnnual
Chest radiographInitial diagnosis
Chest CTDepending on progress, but perhaps at least biannual if progressive disease
UrinalysisInitial diagnosis, with 24 h urinary calcium
Follow-upQuarterly in active disease
Every 12–18 months in inactive disease for >2 years
Some recommend at least 5 year follow-up

#: prospective data is lacking; : further investigation is warranted if abnormalities are found or dependent on symptoms; +: frequency may be increased dependent on patient symptoms and known organ involvement.