Table 1

Summary of results

AspirinNo effectNo effect
Risk reduction of 13–19% for deaths of lung cancer patients when taken ≥1.5 years (aHR# 0.81 and aHR 0.87)
StatinsNo effectDose-dependent risk reduction of 23% in subjects with cumulative use for ≥1.5 years (aHR# 0.77)
MetforminReduced for ever-users (aHR 0.89)Reduced risk in diabetic subjects with ≥1.5 years metformin use (aHR 0.76) compared to those who did not take metformin
Reduced in subjects with ≥1.5 years of metformin use (aHR 0.44)
Triple combinationReduced for ever-users (aHR# 0.83)Reduced for ever-users (aHR# 0.83)
Reduced in subjects with ≥1.5 years of combination drug use (aHR# 0.49)Reduced in subjects with ≥1.5 years of combination drug use (aHR# 0.42)

aHR: adjusted hazard ratio. #: adjustment for age, sex, income, body mass index, smoking, alcohol comsumption and Charlson comorbidity index; : additional adjustment for other medication use (e.g. aspirin use was adjusted for statin use and metformin use).