Table 3

Comparison of FVC and TLCO % predicted (pred) across reference sets for a 69.8-year-old, 171.8-cm-tall male of “other/mixed” ancestry as per the GLI with measured FVC 1.89 L and TLCO 2.45 mmol·min−1·kPa−1

FVC pred, LFVC, % pred
GLI other/mixed [2]3.6053
GLI Caucasian [2]3.9148
ECSC [6]3.8050
Knudson et al. [9]3.7351
Crapo et al. [10]4.2345
Hankinson et al. [7], Caucasian4.1146
TLCO pred, mmol·min−1·kPa−1TLCO, % pred
GLI 2017 [4]8.0930
Miller et al. [11]7.8431
Roca et al. [12]8.5629
Thompson et al. [13]7.7632

ECSC: European Community for Steel and Coal.