Preparation stages towards the submission of an application for an ERS fellowship and some key points to address the challenges

Tasks• Identify host institution
• Establish contact
• Plan a short visit at the host institution, if possible
• Frame the project and responsibilities with your host and the research group
• Focus on a realistic time plan (especially concerning ethical approval and the amount of work to be done during the fellowship)
• Double check all documents, signatures, and uploads
• Hit “submit”!
• Prepare for the interview stage
Key points• Plan early
• Network with staff at the host lab (postdocs, PhD students, technicians)
• Find funding for a short-term visit
• Let your application rest for some days and then revise it, this gives you a fresh perspective
• Ask peers and patients to review your application
• Network with previous fellowship recipients
• Do not forget to celebrate your submission
• Conduct several interview training sessions with peers, the host, and your home institution