Cardiopulmonary exercise test

Maximum% PredATAT % Max
Peak cardiovascular responses
VʹO2 per kg, mL·min−1·kg−112.2679.477
VʹCO2, mL·min−197454055
 Work, Watts40482050
 Lactate, mmol·L−14.4
Peak ventilatory responses
VʹE, L·min−1301191859
 Breathing reserve, %−19−6730−159
Gas exchange responses
PETCO2, mmHg40.6240.1199
PETO2, mmHg16.0115.1995
 Saturation, %9595
MVV, L·min−19.9511
Slope VʹE/VʹO229.98

The patient reached a maximal work rate of 40 Watts with a peak oxygen consumption (VʹO2) of 12.2 mL·min−1·kg−1. Peak ventilator responses showed a minute ventilation (VʹE) of 119% of her predicted maximum (normal value <80%) with no breathing reserve left. Maximum VʹE also exceeded the maximum voluntary ventilation (MVV). Pred: predicted; AT: anaerobic threshold; VʹCO2: carbon dioxide production; VʹO2/HR: oxygen consumed per heartbeat; PETCO2: end-tidal partial pressure of carbon dioxide; PETO2: end-tidal partial pressure of oxygen; RER: respiratory exchange ratio; VʹE/VʹO2: ventilator equivalents for carbon for oxygen.