Types of sleep studies

TestEquipment and parameters
Video polysomnography
(Requires a specialist centre)
Electroencephalography: monitors cortical brain activity
Electromyography: monitors muscle activity, leg movements
Electrooculography: monitors eye movements
Electrocardiogram: monitors cardiac rhythm
Heart rate
Oximetry: monitors oxygen levels in blood
Nasal and oral airflow: monitors respiratory flow
Respiratory inductance plethysmography: monitors respiratory effort
Body position
Microphone: monitors snoring
Respiratory polygraphy/ limited channel sleep study
(Can be performed in hospital or at home)
Oxygen saturation
Heart rate
Nasal ± oral airflow
Respiratory inductance plethysmography
Body position
Electromyography (may not be available in some studies)
Overnight pulse oximetry
(Can be performed at home)
Oxygen saturation
Heart rate