Commonly used questionnaires for obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) screening and parameters included

QuestionnaireValidated populationParameters includedSpecificity/sensitivity %
STOP-BANGPre-operative screeningNocturnal symptoms, daytime somnolence, hypertension, BMI, neck circumference, age and sex31/87
ASA OSA checklistPre-operative screeningBMI, neck circumference, airway assessment, nocturnal symptoms and daytime somnolence37/79
BerlinGeneral populationNocturnal symptoms, daytime somnolence, hypertension and BMI44/77
NoSASGeneral populationNocturnal symptoms, BMI, neck circumference, age and sex49/80
Sleep Apnoea Clinical ScoreGeneral populationNocturnal symptoms, hypertension and neck circumference54/76
Epworth Sleepiness Scale scoreGeneral populationDaytime somnolence symptoms71/39

Data from [3034]. ASA: American Society of Anesthesiologists; NoSAS: neck circumference, obesity, snoring, age, sex; BMI: body mass index.