Contributions of multidisciplinary professionals in tuberculosis (TB) prevention and care

ProfessionalRole and responsibilities
PhysiciansEmploy various resources for accurate diagnosis of TB
Prescribe appropriate anti-TB medications
Monitor treatment progress
Manage any side-effects or complications that may arise during treatment
NursesProvide direct patient care
Educate patients and their families about TB
Aid in treatment adherence
EpidemiologistsTrack the spread of TB
Identify high-risk populations
Implement screening and contact tracing programmes
Design targeted interventions to control the spread of TB
Public health expertsAssist in tracking and managing the spread of TB
Contribute to identifying high-risk populations and implementing control measures
Laboratory professionalsAid in the confirmation of TB diagnosis
Conduct drug susceptibility testing
Provide essential information to guide treatment decisions
Mental health expertsContribute to improving treatment adherence and outcomes
Analyse and address mental health factors that may influence treatment adherence
Community advisors and cultural mediatorsPlay a role in ensuring the best treatment outcomes by considering health-related social factors that may affect treatment adherence