SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis: creation of a Tuberculosis (TB) Vaccine Accelerator Council (TB VAC)

 TB VAC will address and proactively tackle the adverse impact of COVID-19 on TB ervices
 TB VAC encourages global collaboration among funders, global health agencies, the private sector and  governments
 TB VAC is getting high-level support from eminent global health leaders, such as Dr Tedros Adhanom  Ghebreyesus, the Director-General of the World Health Organization
 TB VAC will need to find solutions for the complex scientific and technical challenges related to vaccine  efficacy, safety and immunological responses
 TB VAC requires huge resources and adequate funding for successful establishment and day-to-day operation
 Navigating the time-consuming and challenging regulatory and approval processes for vaccine development  can be difficult
 Achieving sufficient manufacturing capacity and a robust supply chain for TB vaccines can be challenging
 Inadequate skilled researchers, laboratories and infrastructure may impact progress
 Access to target populations: the logistics of reaching and vaccinating affected populations, particularly in  low-income and middle-income countries could be enormous
 Improved TB prevention: development of effective vaccines to reduce global TB cases including  drug-resistant cases and deaths
 Global health impact: potential to significantly impact global health by accelerating TB vaccine development
 Insufficient funding: inadequate financial resources could impede the successful establishment and  operation of the TB VAC
 Scientific challenges: overcoming scientific bottlenecks related to vaccine efficacy, safety, and immunological  responses